Download Hipparty by Dorafree ft Upper X

Artistes: Dorafree ft upper X

Song Tittle: Hipparty

Produced by: Teddy Banty

Our Own Dorafree has set the industry ablaze again with this volatile collaboration featuring Upper X. Who ever thought she will release a song titled Hipparty?

Our Diva sometimes ago took to her social media handles to announce that she is working on a new song that will be featuring Upper X. She went on to tell the world, that the title of the song will be Hipparty. We have all been anticipating this track. The creativity in the lyrics of this song is quite unique. She is awesome.

Upper X as we know will still be Upper X! full Eyen usuhore. I wish everyone will know the meaning of those words, there is no other word alternative that can best describe him (smiles). This guy always does what he knows how to do best.


Dora Fans I hope I got the story line right abi?

Did I tell you this song is produced by Teddy Banty? Yes I did! right up at line 3. I can’t skip such important information (winks)

I almost forgot, this song is super dope! The big question here is why would I forget this? Would you like to take a wild guess? Maybe because am using this amazing Betron BS10 Headphones, and Dora’s voice is drumming down my ears!!!


OK enough of the stories, you are now looking for the download button. I know you can’t wait any longer, you want to listen to it yourself.


Download Hipparty by Dorafree ft Upper X below

Hipparty (mp3)


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