Download No Romance No Love by Michael Mena

An afro pop singer Michael Mena comes out with a super doper.

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LYRICS: Allow me kiss your lips holding you by your waist bring you home for night rest satisfy your mind body and soul Flowers need sun to grow angels know I need you uh roses red pickles green love whats in between your legs

Ref: I’m the mystery in your life oh Mama always tell the story A man and woman Come out of that shell ooh Hold me o,kiss me o,love me o….na

Chorus: Oh baby se IMA mi I’ll be your sunshine on a rainy day And if at all night e fall I’ll swap my roll become your moon Come rain and come the sun girl I swear nothing would go rough You trip me and I fall see me so no romance no love…yea

eh…………. ——————– You touch my hand and then you lit a spark in me then you starred in my eyes I am enthralled by your beauty Next you kiss my lips I felt a flutter in my heart o you put your arms round me I’m feeling much better now

Ref Chorus ——————–The law of attraction is catching us two Without seduction no word like my beau Throw you on bed fall on you uh give me that kiss roll your tongue with mine Allow meeeee in your life oh oh see me flow like a river on it’s bed – oh yea nothing sweeter nothing better to be locked in the arms of the one that you love

Chorus… ——————– Oh Baby we ima mi my baby love me o yea say you love come prove it now my body’s for you oh yeaaaaa(chai) touch me girl,hold me girl,caress me kissing me that is all I desire gimme a hug, gimme a kiss, day and night,caress me making love oh yea eh eeeh

( na na an oh yea e yea 4x)


No Romance No Love (mp3)

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