About Skyboy_Dmb


Real Nam: Benjamin Anietie

Stage Name: Skyboy_Dmb

Year of birth: 2000

Age: 21

Nationality: Nigeria

State of origin: Akwa Ibom State

Tribe: Akwa Ibom

Occupation: singer and songwriter


Benjamin Anietie, who is known professionally as Skyboy_Dmb is a Nigeria singer and songwriter, he is an unsigned Artiste, trying to bring-up himself. His genre of music is that of Afro music pop and R&B. He was born on 15 April 2000 in Akwa Ibom state.

Why do you think he is called Skyboy_Dmb, his music has been known to be colorful, a mixture of Mr_ Eazi .. Not to mention his looks, he is Brown skin and handsome dude with swags ready to be infused with video attitude. There is certainly more than just what the eyes meet, so why don’t you relaxed and get to know about the superstar in making

Skyboy_Dmb originally hails from the state but he grew up in Akwa Ibom State


His songs

Your love
Money opor


Those who sore with tears will reap with songs of joy….


You can connect with Skyboy_Dmb on various social media platforms through the username given: below

Instagram: @Skyboy_Dmb

Twitter: @Skyboy_Dmb

Facebook: official skyboy YgNs

WhatsApp: +2347065402619